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Limavady CC ruined by weedkiller

THE cricket square of a club in Northern Ireland has been destroyed by vandals with dire financial consequences. Limavady CC, in County Londonderry, will be unable to host matches this summer after weedkiller was poured on to their pitches, killing all the grass.

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Club chairman Ivan Lapsley said the repair bill for the grass would be about 5,000 and he added: "It has dire consequences for the club financially because we would rely on the income from home games. They are now going to be played away from home, so we won't have any income for three or four months."

Until this setback Limavady had been playing their matches away in any case during work to improve the grounds and facilities, funded by a Sports Council grant. "We're almost halfway through the season and we've been playing all our games away from home because the outfield hadn't been in proper condition," Lapsley said. "But now that it's ready we've been upset by this mindless vandalism."

Posted by Charlie Randall
24/06/2010 10:40:53
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